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Skean Driveways

   Skean Homes assures you to transform your Driveway into an undeniable beauty. We offer a wide range of Driveways including Tarmac, Resin Bound & Blockpaving. But we strongly recommend Resin Bound to all our customers for various benefits. 

Skean Homes are your local resin-bound driveway installers using only polyurethane resins for more stability and impact resistance. Resin driveways are architecturally solid and the porous surface is formed when each particle of aggregate is covered in resin.

Our resin-bound driveways are one of the most effective home improvement products available to you, not only because they provide the ‘Wow’ factor but they also are:

  • More durable to heat and to flooding

  • Cost friendly as we can overlay existing concrete or tarmac, avoiding a full excavation but still with a permeable finish.

  • If your surface does not allow overlay, we excavate to 300mm with a 22mm deep permeable resin finish

  • The lifespan of resin bound driveways is 15 years plus.

  • Impress your visitors and neighbours with a beautiful new look to your house!


Benefits of  Resin Driveway


 If you are thinking of driveways with a high-quality finish, little maintenance and a wide range of colours, then we suggest resin driveways that are perfect for you. Other than that, other reasons to choose resin driveways can be as follows:

Easy Maintenance

Apart from the ease of installation, there are lots of resin driveways pros:

·       They are simple and cost-effective and are also easy to maintain. Our company uses UV stable resin which ensures that the colour of your driveway will not fade over time.

·       Driveways made without UV stable resins fade over time and loose shine with each passing car. But UV stable materials do not fade and have a minimal requirement for regular cleaning – just use a stiff broom or pressure washer.

Comparable Price

·       Skean Homes installs a new resin driveway almost every day, every week so as we benefit from economies of scale, we can offer you a stylish surface at competitive prices.

·       Though costlier than block paving, the maintenance cost of a stylish resin driveway is much lower. On top of that, the work done by our installation team guarantees a longer lifespan than surfaces like tarmac.

·       When you choose Skean Homes, our installers ensure UV stable and SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant surfaces. So, with all the benefits that you get, it is worth the cost of a one-time installation and a beautiful driveway for more than 15 years.


·       Be the envy of your neighbours with the aesthetic look and the crunching sound of the resin-based aggregate when cars are rolling up your driveway.
·       Compared with gravel driveways, resin driveways are more desirable because of the colour range and the guarantee of safe maintenance.


·       Resin-bound aggregates can be used anywhere and applied to almost anything like permeable paving, drives, foot paths, patios, car parks, cycle paths, bus lanes, tree pits, heritage sites, estate roads, schools, swimming pool borders, garden and landscape designs and so on.

      Why not demonstrate your creativity? Different resins can be used to illustrate your house name or create logos, emblems, slogans, numbers and wordings.

Eco Benefits

        Resin-bound surfaces have a porous base and sub-base that follows SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliance.

        They give permeable pavement construction, reduces flood risks and thus rainwater flows into natural water bodies, reducing surface water run-off and flooding.

        There is no tearing of the original sub-base which saves the soil and is eco-friendly.

Cosmetically Pleasing

·       The resin-bound surface is very attractive and decorative, and we can supply a wide variety of colours, designs, and textures.

       You can also develop your personalised designs with logos, art, or numbers and still have a seamless surface.

       Companies can use them in their driveway and porches to incorporate company logos, emblems or slogans.

       It gives a pebble look but the aggregates do not move due to the resin encapsulated aggregates providing a fluid-like feel that is foot-friendly and with no loose stones.

Resistant to Weather Conditions

The durable nature of the resin-covered aggregates makes them resistant to weather conditions. They do not soften in heat during summer, freeze during winter or are faded by sunlight.

Why Choose Resin Driveways?

Resin Colour Choice

You can choose single or multiple resin driveway colours to create borders, curves, pattern or you can even ask for shapes and numbers. You can choose from a wide range of colours for innovative designs. Have a look at our image gallery to know about more options.

Resin colours12.jpg

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Its Permeable

Skean's resin-bound driveways are made using a process that ensures that every particle of the stone is covered with resin. During installation, care is taken to keep minuscule voids within the mixture so that water drains through to the subsoil. Permeating rainwater therefore helps in groundwater levelling, reduces standing water and flooding.

During rain, impermeable surfaces lead to a lot of surface water run-off which fills up the drains and rivers. But permeable surfaces like resin-bound driveways reduce surface water run-off and so in turn stops flooding.

Faster Installation

Resin-bound surfaces are one third quicker to install than any other surface and there are two methods for installation – full excavation and overlaying.

Unlike other materials, resin-bound surfaces can be overlaid. That is, laid over existing surfaces like asphalt or concrete with a 5-year guarantee.

If your driveway cannot be overlaid, we excavate to 300mm deep including 22mm of resin bound aggregate and the work can be completed in 2/3 days with a 10-year guarantee.

Any design can be formed in the resin driveway demonstrating your creativity and identity and we ensure that only the best quality materials are used:

·       All the aggregates are manufactured and ordered from suppliers in the UK and Europe.

·       We perform comprehensive tests to ensure that the resin-bound aggregates are resistant to any damage caused by sunlight, water or pressure.

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Resin Driveways FAQs

What are Resin driveways?

These are natural kiln-dried aggregates where every stone is carefully covered with polyurethane resin.

Where can resin driveways be installed?

They can be installed anywhere. It can for official purpose or residential purpose. They can be installed in drives, patios, car parks, bus lanes, cycle paths, tree pits, heritage roads, schools, swimming pool surrounds, garden, landscape designs, and estate roads. They are not restricted to scopes.

How much do resin driveways cost?

Get a free quote or a free brochure by clicking on our website.

Will the driveway look good?

They look naturally beautiful and are a place to let your creativity take its flow. You can choose from a wide variety of colours or mixture of colours. You can also emboss logos, emblems, slogans, pictures, numbers and different shapes.

How long do resin driveways need to install?

They can be installed in a 3 days as it takes one-third of the total time of installing other material driveways.

How long will the driveway last?

The driveway is installed carefully and has a lifespan of 15 plus years.

Is maintenance costly?

The maintenance is very easy and cost-effective. Regular cleaning with stiff broom or pressure washer is enough to clean the driveway.

Is resin driveway slippery when wet?

The resin is mixed with aggregate stone and smoothed when being laid. Though it has a rough texture, it can become slippery when icey like any other surface made of any other material.

Will the driveway crack?

Our installation team has experts and professionals who will check your base material before installation. So you can be assured that the resin driveway will not crack.

How thick is a resin driveway?

The resin driveway if overlaid will be on top of an existing surface. So it will be 18-22 mm thick. However, it is not possible to know the thickness of the existing driveway. In a fully excavated driveway, the resin surface will be 22 mm thick laid on 50 mm of concrete which is again laid on top of 250 mm of compacted hardcore.

Will water stand in the driveway during heavy rain?

The resin driveway is permeable. During installation minute voids are left between stones so that the water sinks into the soil below. This water moves to the natural water discourses. So there are no surface water or flooding. The water does not flood the drains keeping in mind the SUDS compliance.

Will the driveway fade?

Skean Homes use UVR stable resin which will never fade and your driveway will have the same colour and shine.

What base is needed to install resin driveway?

There can be two kinds of installation – overlaying or full excavation. For overlaying the resin-bound surface will be installed over the existing driveway. But for full excavation, a new sub-base and base will be used before laying the resin surface.