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UPVC & Composite Doors

Skean uPVC and composite doors are specially customized for the consumers in the style that suits the home, whether traditional or modern. Our doors are energy-efficient and are made with materials of high quality which provides security. The home improvement services suit every home and are affordable. The doors can be of different colours which give an elegant look and fits your imagination of a bright and cosy future. The doors are highly durable and are guaranteed by Skean Homes. The doors maintain the heat inside the house and save money on your heating bills.

Why choose uPVC Doors?

uPVC doors are great options for front and back doors because of the available styles, durability and being maintenance-free. uPVC doors prices are affordable. The doors are the UK made which keeps the cold winds out and keeps the house insulated.

Difference between uPVC and Composite Doors.

uPVC doors are generally made of a strong and chemically resistant form of PVC. They are superior in quality to aluminium, timber, steel, or other materials. They have a steel frame to create a sealed unit that would be thermally efficient.

Composite doors are made by fusing a number of materials from solid timber core to uPVC. The materials are fused together which creates the strongest doors. Composite doors are thicker than the uPVC doors. They were originally created to give lightweight strength to aircraft and racing cars.


Door Styles


 Composite Front Doors

The composite front doors come with an advanced locking system and high strength that ensures safety, security and peace of mind.

·         The double-sealed construction with a 6mm solid coloured outer structure keeps the cold winds out and maintains the heat inside the house.

·         It is available in 14 different colours with various finishes. Decorative glazing options that make the house look striking.

·         It is durable and needs no maintenance. This means that it has a longer lifespan and is pocket-friendly.

Benefits of Skean Front Doors

·         The Skean front doors with their colours and designs will surely draw the attention of your neighbours and visitors. Moreover, they can be attached to different accessories which will heighten the elegance of the door and the house.

·         These doors are strong and keeps the house thermally insulated. Thus it saves your heating and energy bills.

·         It has an advanced locking system that saves your house from any theft or burglary.

uPVC Patio Doors

Patio doors are great for that ecstatic view of your garden while giving the optimum light and enough living space. The sliding patio doors give an elegant look to the living space overlooking your garden while maintaining the balance of temperature. It keeps the winters cozy and the summers airy. You can choose the ideal styles, features and finishes to decorate your home.

Benefits of Patio Doors

·         The sliding glass door provides enough space for your home while giving a beautiful view of the garden or balcony. The sliding door gives a wide opening to enter the garden or the balcony.

·         The doors are durable, long-lasting, and are of low maintenance. The skidding glass door price is within the range of every customer.

·         The door helps to keep the house insulated during winters and lets enough sunlight enter. The need for turning on the lights is not needed. So this could lead to savings in your bill.


uPVC French Doors

uPVC French doors meet both beauty and practical use. The French doors can be used as elegant openings to gardens and patios. It lights up the house with natural sunlight while preventing heat loss during the winter. Along with the beautiful look, it gives safety and security to your home. The uPVC French doors can come in different colours, fittings and finishes and are durable. You can customize your French door with different colours and features that will reflect your sense of style. Our design consultant will help you to choose the style, finishes, and features that are ideal for you. The cost of French doors is affordable.

Benefits of uPVC French Doors

·         The French doors are very stylish while providing comfort inside the house. You can customize and select the designs for your French doors.

·         French door security is reliable. Along with beautiful designs they provide safety and security to your home.

·         Modern French doors reduce the chances of heat loss. Thus it is cost-effective and reduces the heating bills.

uPVC Sliding Doors

Skean Homes lift and sliding doors with their expanse of glass are a mark of excellence. Known for their superior strength and durability, the lift and slide doors provide thermal insulation, natural sunlight and a wide view of the exterior area from the comforts of the home. The sliding mechanisms undergo thorough testing to ensure that the largest sashes open and close smoothly.


Bi-Folding Doors

An alternative to lift and slide doors is the bi-folding doors that open an entire wall of any part of the house like the conservatory, kitchen, or living room. It maximizes the chances of natural light while minimizing the chances of heat loss. The sashes fold to one end, either internally or externally so that you can leave one door open to anyone side. When closed it gives a glass front face to the area and when open, it gives an airy idyll. They are strong and durable with beautiful designs and the doors go through testing to ensure smooth folding and opening facility.

Benefits of Bi-folding Doors

·         The bi-fold doors provide a spectacular exterior with natural light flooding the house.

·         They can come in any size and can fit according to any house area.

·         Our design consultants will help you to find the bi-folding door that will suit the corner of the house and customize it according to your property.

Features & Benefits

Best suited for – Can be used as a front or back door in modern or traditional homes.

Appearance – A low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing door that replicates the finish of a real timber door.


Security – High-security cylinders, handles and high security locking systems. Thermally toughened safety glass (EN 12150). Internal beading to prevent glass removal from the outside. Door outer-frame is fully reinforced with steel. Aluminium door frame option available.

Durability – Tested to the highest standards to resist water and air ingress. Quality fittings and materials, including weather bar.

Energy – Thermally efficient, five-chamber profile and warm edge seals reduce heat loss. Excellent U-value rating as low as 0.79 W/m²K for the solid doors and 0.94 W/m²K for the half-glazed/half-panel doors. These U-values include the frame.

Glazing– All units are triple glazed as standard with matching sidelights and top lights available. Decorative and obscure glass options. All glass patterns are on the middle pane to allow ease of cleaning.

Opening Styles – Open in or open out style available. Low threshold option available. Double-door options on all styles.

Guarantee –Backed by Skean Homes’ Guarantee.


Colour Options

A wide range of colors for both traditional and contemporary styles helps you to choose a look that suits best with your home. You can get 13 colors and a mix of the colors. Our home design consultant will help you to choose the best colors for your home.



All of the Skean Doors go through rigorous testing to make sure that they are durable, secure and resistant to any hazards. The PVC composite doors come with tested Keep safe handles. Keep safe handles are specifically designed to deter all modern methods of theft. The Sentinel doors once installed can make you relieved about the security and comes with 15 years guarantee. The door knockers come in different colours and styles and are available with or without spyhole options. Door knobs are available in different designs and colours. You can also get a letterbox in five solid colours.

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